Monday, 29 April 2013

Love at First Sight – of a little face

Warning – Getting involved in Compassion will increase the size of your heart!

One of the things that has surprised me on my Compassion journey has been the fervent love that I have felt for our sponsored children, literally at the first sight of a small photo.  When we sponsored Adriana – there was this strong feeling that it HAD to be her, this young girl from the coast of Ecuador, 15 years old, living with her Mom.

Adriana (EC)

When I requested to be a correspondent and was assigned two children from Haiti, I was worried that I wouldn’t feel the same connection since I didn’t ‘choose’ them.  But it happened quickly anyways.  As I prayed for these two new names and faces, the love swelled up!


Edwin (HA)

Then I requested more correspondents and I asked for some teens.  I am not really the kind of women who loves all children. In fact, I tend to think Other People’s Kids (OPKs) are louder and stickier than my own :D  But I had seen how God can pour love into me for kids when I work with Quizzers – even the noisy ones! I truly LOVE them!! 

So I asked for teens, and quickly fell in love with these beautiful young adults that were assigned to me, that I haven’t even received a letter from yet. 
Doesn’t my Goloni look like she’s SO sweet! I can’t wait to get to know her

Goloni’s current Compassion photo
Goloni’s previous Compassion photo

Recently I was assigned a couple more correspondents, and I asked for South America. I was assigned little Cristhian from Peru.  Again – instant love for a little face.


Cristhian’s current photo


Cristhian’s previous photo.

 Isn’t he the cutest little man?!

I shouldn’t be surprised at God’s ability to help us grow in our love for others.  The stories I am beginning to  hear about how God matches up sponsors and their sponsored children never cease to amaze me.

For some people, it’s the sad eyes, for others it’s the smile and spunk, or for another it might be the bare feet. What draws your attention when you look at the faces of the children waiting for sponsors at Compassion?

Maybe the Eyes?
like Estivin' puppy eyes?

 or how about Wawu, she needs a sponsor too

or wee Jean