Thursday, 2 May 2013

My Sponsor KeyChain

Lizzie - teen sponsor extraordinaire over at OC
OurCompassion Button
makes bracelets and keychains containing authentic beads from the countries in which Compassion works. 

Lizzie made me this beautiful keychain

for the string on top, key chain to tail- DR, EC, HA
for the string on the bottomt, key chain to tail- ET, IN, BO

Now when I look at my keychain, I can think of and pray for my kids! 
DR (Dominican Republic) for Cristal and Abraham,
EC (Ecuador) for Adriana
HA (Haiti) for Dayana, Edwin and Mathaline
ET (Ethiopia) for Fitsume, Solomon and Serek
IN (India) for Goloni
BO (Bolivia) for Rumario

More info on Lizzie's Sponsor Bracelets.