I am passionate about Compassion.

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We began sponsoring in November 2012 as a Christmas gift for my daughter Kaitlin. We sponsor an almost 15 year old girl, Adriana in Ecuador.

As I learned more about Compassion, and joined the community of Compassion sponsors at Our Compassion

I quickly grew to respect and appreciate the organization.  When I found out about the Correspondence Program, I contacted Compassion Canada and requested to be a correspondent sponsor. Right away, Terri assigned Dayana and Edwin in Haiti to me.  This was a terrific fit for our family of 2 girls and one boy.  Our children pray for Adriana, Dayana and Edwin daily.

Because Kaitlin was assigned to correspond with Adriana, I wanted to have a teen that I could write to and Terri assigned Mathaline to me.  Mathaline likes art and I am looking forward to seeing her work and receiving her letters. 

My heart is really drawn to the teens within the Compassion program.  Knowing that they only have a few years left with the support of the Compassion program, I really want to encourage them in their lives, as they make decisions about their education and their careers and hopefully get them into the Word of God.  I requested to be part of the Correspondence program out of the Compassion International office.  I now have 6 more teens to write to!  They are in Ethiopia, India, the Dominican Republic and Bolivia.  3 of them will graduate out of the program in 2014 so I have little time to send them lots of words of encouragement and to be praying for them daily.