Monday, 8 April 2013

Compassion and Forgiveness in Rwanda

Yesterday marked the anniversary of 100 days of killing in Rwanda.  It is important for us to remember these events and stay vigilent.  I truly believe that the ruthless killings can only open when the Evil one is present.  I cannot begin to understand how God could allow almost one million people to be murdered.  But I also cannot begin to understand how the beautiful people of Rwanda have been able to move on with their lives. The stories of hope and forgiveness that have come from this event can ONLY be from God. 

Stories like this one from a former Compassion-sponsored child:

I know of someone who sponsored a child from Rwanda last April 7th in memory of the Rwandan genocide. 

Here are two boys in Rwanda that are waiting to be sponsored.  A very special young man, Laurent, who is also a former sponsored child, used to attend this centre and will be visiting there soon.  If you sponsor one of these boys, you may be able to get photos of them smiling when they have been told they have a sponsor!

There are many more precious Rwandan children available for sponsorship:

or from the Compassion Canada site:

More about what Compassion is doing in Rwanda: