Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Pastor Letters Part 3 - Addressing Health Concerns

This is the 3rd Post in a series about Compassion Projects' Pastor Letters. These letters from the pastors give us tremendous insight into our sponsored children's world. The first two parts in the series can be found here:

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I was shocked when I read this pastor's letter talking about how commonplace leprosy is. Leprosy??!! How can this preventable and treatable disease still exist?

many families are affected with leprosy

EI-161 - In this community, many families are affected with leprosy, which has made them outcasts from the society. Leprosy is curable if treated in time. Leprosy-affected people become physically deformed, losing their fingers, hands, legs, and even eyes. Leprosy-affected people do get any jobs because of their physical deformity. Most lepers of this community take up begging as their profession.

Young people are at risk of joining unhealthy groups and practices. Malnutrition is prominent here. Children suffer from malaria, typhoid, skin diseases, etc. The sanitary system around the community is very impoverished. The maximum size of a house is 6 x 8 feet with an average of five people per household. Unemployment is high in this area. Usually parents go begging early in the morning and they return by evening. Children do not get food all day long and do not get opportunity to attend school.

a boy from the center was bitten by a snake

BF120 - In January 2009, a boy from the center was bitten by a snake and the vaccine was costly; it was only by the assistance through Compassion that he was saved, because his parents didn't have any way to buy the vaccine. Another child, an orphan, was suffering from cancer and his adoptive parents couldn't pay for care and were thinking he was cursed. But with Compassion's support, an operation was done and he is okay now.
Still others have received food that has helped them survive famine.

children that were undernourished

ES796 Pastor - We had 86 children that were undernourished, and now we only have 30 with a low weight.

kids, some of whom have got AIDS

TH910 - I really thank you that you and our other sponsors all have mercy heart to Thai kids, some of whom have got AIDS through their parent. There was one child who just passed away to be with God after having join us through the program for some time. Some are kids who need the good place to grow up so the parent relies on us as they want the children to be brought up here.

Malaria, hepatitis and tuberculosis is common among the people. (EI617)

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