Tuesday, 10 June 2014

Wise Solomon is in Engineering!

I just received a fantastic letter from my 20 year old student, Solomon from Ethiopia.  Solomon has been a correspondent for just over a year, and this is only my 3rd letter from him, but I feel like it is a 'breakthrough' letter.  Sometimes it takes a few and sometimes it takes several letters before you feel like you are making a connection.  This letter just contained so much excitement!

He says

"I have joined university this year... I am 1st year engineering student. Thanks be to God. You must be happy for making someone to be an engineer. You supported me a lot with God in order to be an important person.  Please pray for me to be successfuly in my university class and to have a blessed mind."

It's so awesome!

I wrote back right away to let him know that I am so proud of him, that his parents named him well.  I also mentioned that my father is an engineer, and my son plans on being on engineer when he gets older.

Even though it had nothing to do with me, I am a proud sponsor mama today :)